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Traditional Calabrian recipes in a book
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I ask you all to be the first actors of my Calabrian and Italian recipe book that I would like to do after years of testing and evaluation. For years I've been on you tube on this URL: http: //www.youtube.com/c/MicheleExpertCropalati where you count millions of visits and thousands of subscribers, however you tube does not support me adequately to create a very nice project and fascinating of a cookbook with natural and organic products that I would like to publish and make known all over the world. Those who will support me after the publication of the book will receive it all in pdf format and for a number of supporters to be established you will be given a printed copy with a personal dedication. Then if you have questions to ask me about the kitchen and the products I use I will be happy and to gratify you with every advice and suggestion. But to make sure that all this can be achieved, we need your cooperation, committing you to offer 5 dollars a month less than a breakfast and in return you will have a myriad of recipes that you can prepare for your home. There will be many videos of cooking made by me where I explain step by step each step to create tasty, unique and especially healthy dishes. I just have to thank you and I wish you all a lot of passion in what you love to do
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My goal is to reach 200 dollars a month to be able to invest in my projects of Italian cuisine and to publish a book of traditional Italian recipes.
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