Michelle Claus

is creating POCKET POETRY
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Simple price, simple fare.
Fair enough, right?

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Let's dig deep and seek for treasure-truth.

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Help rescue the waning art of hand-crafted, hand-written notes. Let's trade: Your generous support for my personalized greeting delivered to your *actual* mail box.




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About Michelle Claus

Something august is brewing...

$1 -- PICKPOCKETS -- Light fare, easy to grab
$5 -- DEEP POCKETS -- Dig deep for treasurable trinkets.
$10 -- PUNCTUAL SNAIL MAIL -- Help support this cause! The dying art of handwritten letters wants resuscitation. In an effort to save snail mail, let's trade: In exchange for your support, I'll break out the glitter, glue, doodads, and gel-ink pens to craft a seasonal greeting just for you. Why? Because I think it's important and valuable, and it will brighten your day!

If you're new to Pocket Poetry, Welcome. Here's a hug. Pick my pockets, why don't you? You might discover a treasurable trinket. I hope you do! Some of my pockets are wide-open, shallow, and easy to raid; others are deep and more elusive. Channel your inner thief and see what you discover here. Oh, and don't forget to kiss someone special underneath the colossal mistlerock (a term K. & I sort of coined for it) -- that's your initiation into my world for the next several months, until Creativity compels me to shift my Patreon theme once again.

Thank you, Everyone !!

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