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Thank  you! 

You’re ready to have a cuppa coffee a month with me!

It’s really cool that you want to contribute to my life.  I really appreciate that fancy latte you’re giving up for me. And no that’s not sarcasm! People who know me well would be wondering that. LOL. 

I’ll be be giving a shoutout to all new patrons on my Instagram stories. I’ll only use first names for privacy. 

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Thank you! 

You’re already convinced we need this Work and you’re willing to give to make it happen. 

It’s really cool that you want to contri to my healing journey. I look forward to sharing some content here with you.

Every month you'll be able able to submit questions which I’ll answer in a video.  Your questions can be on any topic that you want, including chatty personal questions to spiritual topics to questions that relate to my areas of professional experience. The choice is yours! 

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Thank you so much for contributing a sizable amount to my Patreon. I’m so grateful for your financial support!

Once I am back to working in my field professionally, which I warn you could be a few years from now, I will have some professional benefits to offer you. Until then, I give you all my gratitude 🙏 

 As with the other tiers, feel free to submit any type of question for a monthly Q&A. 




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When I began this Patreon  in 2018 I was in deep denial, so deep. I thought that within about six months I would be ready to jump back into the full life that I had prior to being ill for the previous years. I thought that I would be able to be working again in the field of Life Coaching women regarding their body image, teaching yoga + running body acceptance workshops. 

I was so very wrong. 

When I started this page and I was about six months into recovery from a life saving neurosurgery due to a tumor inside of my spinal cord that was discovered very late in the game. It was discovered so late in the game that soon it would have threatened my life. It also was so late in the game that it turns out a lot of damage was done to my body that isn’t reversible.

Now, I will admit that I have some serious issues with unrealistic expectations.  But I had no idea how ridiculous my expectations were in regards to healing from this. 

This recovery, and resultant disability, has absolutely kicked my butt in every possible way. And that is what I’ve ended up exploring on this Patreon. I’m talking about the nitty-gritty aspects of dealing with healing and how it impacts your whole life, including your mental health. 

All my previous expectations from when I started this Patreon are completely thrown out the window. And there is no retrieving them. Instead,  I will continue to narrate my recovery, dive deep into the neuroses that trip me up, and hopefully find some brief moments of hope in the midst of all the crap. 

You might be here because we worked  together professionally in the past, or you’re a personal friend of mine, or you just have been following my career over the years and are interested in the aftermath. Regardless of why you’re here I’m grateful that you are. I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to support me with your presence and your hard-earned cash as I share my healing journey with you.

At this point of the game, after a little over a year of healing from my surgery, I have two “kind of” professional-like hopes: they are to start a podcast which I’ve been wanting to do for over five years, and to turn some of my writing into actual publications, like ebooks or Kindle books. 

All my other professional goals are completely put on hold for the next few years at least. 

If you are interested in making a small investment in someone like me who is having to start over in the second half of life, then you’re in the right place. I welcome you and thank you. 
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This goal is for a podcast production. I’ve wanted to do a podcast since 2015 and I know how much work it entails after having done my live summit with 35 speakers. I need to hire someone to edit and produce the whole process. And with your help this dream can become a reality. One of my most favorite things to do is to interview people and share their knowledge and expertise with others.  Thank you for your help in reaching this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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