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About MicroHamster

Sup Hamster crew!

I'm Tony and I play games, make music, and i'm in the process of making my first video game.If you feel like helping out or just wanna ride along with me on my journey, you can by becoming a Patron, and directly support my content. So a super big thanks, and hugs all around!

What is Patreon?

Patreon allows you to fund my content in exchange for some extra cool rewards. Just select an amount to pledge per month, pick your rewards, and you’re good to go! You’ll be charged automatically, and can adjust your pledge whenever you need to.

There’s no pressure to sign up, my videos will still be free on YouTube - but with your help, I can reach new goals and do this full time.

You all are the bomb dot com XD
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You get access to my newest video earlier then non patreon users.  

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I will design a character of your likeness for my game. 

You get into the credits of all my videos and game. Because you deserve the credit .

I will draw my character, Danny the Demon, in any pose you like. (sfw)

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You crazy Bro!
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You and me get a one on one Discord call.

Super cool art work.

A download of any song you want. (Can be all songs)

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