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Welcome My naughty Furieans!

I created and present 'The Midnight Hour' on CrowZone Radio. With an eclectic mix of all genres of dance, rock and metal; I create a blend of music that satisfies.

For more information about what I do, have a read of this scintillating interview in METALHEADS FOREVER Magazine.


I'm looking for funding to keep my show going. I don't get paid for doing 'The Midnight Hour'; I don't have sponsorship and there's no advertising on my show. But, every week, I have to buy 13 to 14 tracks to put into my show. Not to mention the hours it takes me to select those tracks and put the show together. Some weeks I'm lucky and an artist or band will give me a track to play. For those people I've created my first tier.

Also, as I'm severely sight impaired, I need a producer/sound engineer to help me put the show together as I can't 'see' the programme used to do this. And no, text-to-speech programmes don't work on this type of programme. So I need to find a way to pay for this too.

I'm hoping that those of you who listen to my show regularly and love what I do will want to help me keep making the magical music mixology that is 'The Midnight Hour'.
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