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Hi I'm Mikari!

If you are one of my friends or followers that found this page through FB or Twitch Welcome!
If you aren't Big Welcomes for stumbling over to this creator's patreon page haha!

I creator Patreon out of the idea of "Why not"
Creating drawings is more of a hobby than my actual job, so I list my Patreon as like paid per creation, instead of monthly.(Since I have poor ability to be consistently publish and drawing works, that includes Twitch.)

But anyways visit over my Twitch or FB to see my creation and wacky antics.

Thanks for visiting and reading till the end!
Have a nice day
o(^ A^)b

P.S I rabu da memus //slaps self
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"Notice me Senpai."
Let's start smol.
If i get 15 Patreon i'll plan a gaming stream over on Twitch. (Base on the games I do actually have that is, which are mostly PS4 games.)
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