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I recently had an idea for a podcast and thought, "You know what? Doing music and videos for Patreon isn't something that I'm actually doing. But this podcast idea is really good and it's something that I'm going to do! So, why not make a change on Patreon?"
So, here I am, making that change! 
The podcast is called "My Best Advice" and that's exactly what it's about! 
Guests bring the story of the best advice they've ever been given and we chat about it... and other things... and sometimes things completely unrelated to the subject...
It's been an incredibly fun time and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. 
Your patronage is going to make it easier to make these shows and I appreciate you so much for them. 
At the moment, I have minimal advertising and hope to keep it that way, and I'm hoping Patreon will be the way we can do that. 
I also have ideas for a whole load of other shows, so, with your help, I think we can make some pretty special stuff. 
$56.70 of $100 per Podcasts and Songs
With this, I'll be able to take the guests out to lunch or dinner! We'll take pictures and put them on Instagram and Twitter and thank you all profusely! If we reach this goal, we're starting to look at actually having a budget!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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