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Hi there, it's Mike Janick (you might know me better as Mike Mixtape). If you are familiar with my work, it's mostly been podcasts (I got a few podcasts under my belt). I've been podcasting for close to 8 years now. My most memorable podcast is Cinema Royale. This podcast is all about movies. We choose topics to discuss in each episode. The format tends to change from episode to episode. Right now, the podcast is hiatus, but with your help, you can bring it back and fully rebooted. The success of Cinema Royale was so great, a spin-off was made called Cartoon Royale. Basically, the same thing, but with animated movies/shows as the topic point.

Cinema Royale Example

I do create a variety of other videos outside of the podcasts. I started a talk show called Cinema Talk where I interview online personalities and filmmakers alike. It's fun way to get to know about people you may or may not know. Another series of videos are Mike's EditorialsThose are when I just make a short editorial about whatever topic I like, whatever is what I mind.

Cartoon Royale Example

I plan on creating a couple new shows soon called Familiar Films and Mike's Eight. These shows will bring more variety for you guys. Let me briefly tell you what these shows are.

- Familiar Films is a review series where I compare and contrast 2 (or more) movies that very familiar to each other whether it's the plot of the film and such. This show focuses on the concept of Twin films where a set of familiar films are released during the same year, but sometimes it doesn't have to be.

- Mike's Eight is my Top # list series where I countdown 8 things about movies, shows, books, and etc.

Cinema Talk Example

Why am I here?

I've been making podcasts and videos as a hobby for years. Since then, I've grown quite a cult following, not the biggest, but it's climbing really good. I realized that this is what I want to do in my life. I'm here to entertain you and provide you guys with the best quality content out there. Building a community like this with you guys is great for interaction between me and you. Sure, I post on YouTube, but my rule for years was not to monetize over there. By doing this, I can get the money from you guys supporting me, the proper way. Without you guys, I wouldn't be doing this and making all of this. This is for you. All of it.

Why should you pledge to me?
For pledging to me, you'll receive rewards for whatever tier package you decide to do per month. Such rewards you could get by pledging to me include early access before YouTube, your name in the credits, bonus content not seen on YouTube, and lots more. Become part of a community. It'll be a great experience. [See Rewards for more details.]

Where does your money go to when pledging?
This will do a lot in my life. First off, whatever you pledge gets used back into the production of everything down the road if I get enough to do so. My goals have that point to upscale everything. There's no rush to achieve the goals unless you want to. They are just long term things that I would like to do in my future. And second, the money just simply supports me in my life. Money helps us survive in this world. Who knows? Your money could invest me into traveling. If that happens, you will get great content while I collaborate with awesome people. The possibilities are endless. Think of it as an extension of a streaming service. You pledge, I try to provide you with videos and podcasts for you to watch and listen in your life. We are a community. Let's do this together. [See Goals to better understand what my long term goals are.]

Mike's Editorial Example

With that, thanks for taking the time to read and understand everything here. I truly hope you decide to pledge some money for this great cause. Together, we'll have a most excellent time. Stay classy!
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