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Hi! My name is Miguel Segura I am from Guatemala! a small country in Central America.

Since my childhood I always dream of becoming a great cook, I always admire my mom's family because they always cooked very well using fresh and very aromatic ingredients. That's where my curiosity about cooking woke and to this day it's still my passion and my profession. Recently I got the passion for creating videos with my style and I managed to get an empty room space where I create a studio for those videos, it's not very big but it's enough for the goal I want to achieve.

This is where I found Patreon to reach my goal and provide excellent service to the community in exchange for their help, eventually I will be improving to meet your expectations. (In the intro video you can watch the type of content I create)

I recently create a youtube channel in which I will start to make this videos once I can manage to get all the necessary work for start to creating videos!

Many thanks to all who can help me! I promise to listen to all the feedback and provide the best service.
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Reaching $500 per month I'm going to start giving more personal tutorials to my patrons.
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