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I loved Almost Famous, it's one of my favorite movies. I'm going to send you a video or an mp3 covering a popular song, it's going to be mix and master.
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Hi everybody!
My name is Mikel and I'm a musician, composer, arranger, audio engineer, music producer, Singer-Songwriter, writer and drawing artist. I`ve been around music business in my home country, Venezuela, for almost 11 years. At first I was involved in technical Jobs and getting to the artistic development of my own musical Project, I was too shy at first to show my music. But thanks to the technical hablities I've learnt and my artistic formation I developed a nice work flow that enhance my creations. I'm currently living in Florida as an international student, I sold many things and with scholarships and my family support I'm studying at Full Sail University. I have developed throught the years a firm and strong character, dedicated to expand and absorb new knowledgement and advance through music, but that I don't really care as much as the fact that I'm currently living my dream, I'm making music and I feel like a kid everyday, I'm a witness and I'm sure you too of how important and powerful is music, and how it can change the world one second at a time. I recorded my first album in my house, back in Venezuela and I want to record a new one with the same homemade feeling.

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