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About Millstadt News

Millstadt News is a central place for news and events in our community that specifically focuses on Millstadt, IL and the surrounding area. This is a grassroots effort and we need your help. We need help spreading the word, your ideas for stories, and your help gathering the stories.  

We also could use some help financially.  We are launching a print community news magazine in February, 2017!  We rely on local businesses to produce our monthly print magazine, but it is expensive to print and direct mail that publication to the Millstadt, IL residents.  This publication will be mailed to 3,133 homes which is every home in our 62260 zipcode.  

We strongly believe that Millstadt, IL needs a community newspaper and we want to provide the best quality publication that we possibly can.  

Here is how you can help.  If you believe our town needs a community newspaper, then we ask you to be a patron of our publication.  We are looking for donations of any amount per month.  Every little bit helps!  Every resident will receive our publications for free.  There will not be a subscription fee to receive any of our publications.  

Thanks so much for taking time to visit this page and for being a reader of
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We will poll the patrons and pick a favorite local community charity.  We will then donate a percentage of profits to that charity!  I was thinking the food pantry in town.
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