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  • My gratitude!! Every bit helps - thank you!
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  • One random original drawing mailed to you every month! Drawings are done on cardstock, at standard frame size (5x7 or 8x10)




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About Miles Monroe

Hey! I'm Miles Monroe, an independent artist living in Colorado. My work can be found on my Twitter and my Instagram. I'm on Patreon to share sketches, WIPs, and original artwork!

By supporting me here, you can gain access to monthly sketchbook scans and WIPs posted only to Patreon. As this Patreon grows, I'll eventually be adding a PRINT CLUB for exclusive prints, stickers, decals, handmade patches, and other goodies - your subscription today will help me reach this goal!

Thanks for your support!
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Print club reward tier!! By reaching this goal, I'll be able to offer a reward tier for through-the-mail merchandise, including kiss-cut & die-cut stickers, vinyl decals, stamp/linocut/digital mini prints, & handmade patches! 
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