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About MindanaoBob

Hi Friends! I am Bob Martin, but commonly known as MindanaoBob. I am an American, but I have lived in the Philippines since 2000, and I'm loving life here! If you are interested in living in the Philippines, or if you have friends or family here in the Philippines, you likely have questions about something related to the country! I am here to help! I help a lot of people by answering their questions about life here and such. If you need help, I can help you with any Philippine related questions. I also have multiple websites where you can get free help! 
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I spend a lot of time answering questions for people who need help with something related to the Philippines. Sometimes I get as many as 800 emails per day requesting help. A day does not go by that I don't get at least 100 such requests. Being able to fund this assistance will allow me to devote the necessary time to it that is required. It will also help filter requests to the point where I will be able to spend time with my family.
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