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Who are we?

For over 6 years now we here at MineworksAnimation have being making Minecraft animations, parodies, songs etc. We did Steve's Adventures series, The Village episodes, and many popular parodies like "Dragons" Radiactive parody.

What happened to the channel?

We took 2 years break from youtube, since one of our videos got Copyright Strike, and channel started to behave weirdly since that, not showing videos to our subscribers, then not recommending them. Now we're back with more Epic content, on our New channel.

Why do we need Patreon?

Now it comes to the big question, why do we need your support. To put it simply we need funding. For the past year all of our work has been out of our own pockets + revenue from videos, but now we've starting fresh, no revenue from channel, parodies, etc. So to keep content consistent we need your help! 

With your support we'll be able to create 1-2 videos in a month, keeping same high quality as before + adding new types of content and styles, and maybe even relaunching some of our old projects/series.
We have 4 animators working on videos at the moment, and most of them had to find a regular job to make for a living, with your support we can focus only on YouTube and become great again together! 

Thank you! 

$0.95 of $800 per month
$800 a month will help all of our animators to keep consistent work! And upload every 2 weeks!
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