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About Mini Chapel Podcast

Christian storytellers have inspired my love for neighbor, creation and God (aka Source of Being, Mystery, Giver, Oneness, Universal Love), since I was a little girl. Now, as a Korean-American-Canadian minister with a heart for tradition and a spirit of innovation, I am constantly exploring how our notions about church and ministry might expand and evolve, so that more people can access the spiritual practices and wisdom stories that have been restoring and transforming lives for generations.

First, I started Yoga Chapel, a ministry that weaves together the art of Christian storytelling with the wisdom of yoga, and then I launched Mini Chapel Podcast, progressive sermons for modern-day listeners. You can listen to the above video/audio for a bit of background. And if you'd like to support this endeavor, please subscribe to, rate and review Mini Chapel Podcast on iTunes and sign up to be a patron!

A huge thank you to the United Church of Canada for allowing me to journey through an unconventional path of ordained ministry, so much gratitude to my incredibly talented big sis Sun Min Lee for designing MCP's logo and for constructing the cardboard box-studio that I currently record out of :) - and deep thanks to Alex Hwang and Run River North for providing MCP with its new theme song! Listen to the whole album here.
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I'll be able to purchase proper recording equipment and software, which will improve the quality of future podcasts and make production so much more efficient and reliable. (This will save me from having to record in the middle of the night, since this is the quietest time, and every loud car and plane that goes by won't drive me crazy anymore!)
Reaching this goal will also confirm for me that I should keep this podcast alive! That it is doing some good in the world :)
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