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Thank you guys so much! I will be shouting out your names on my Video's. Your support is Amazing!

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About Mini Painter Hub

Welcome Mini Lovers! 

Thank you for Stopping by my Patreon page, where I plan to take this channel and transform it into a Hub of knowledge and joy for all us Painters out there. 

My focus will be on basics of painting, Small and cheap tips that can vastly help out and smooth any bumpy roads on your Path to being the ultimate mini painter you are!

At present my plans are to produce a good amount to basic tutorials of painting, ranging from 3 paint table top to advanced table top. I will be however making a road plan to bigger projects and apply the lessons learned from us all to make wonderful painted miniatures and Give these away as Prizes on my Channel.

Come with me and help mould this channel into some thing Promising and great.
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This will be a good start to get better Equipment for video's on the Channel.
I was kindly donated a Sony DCR-SR90 From a Family member and without that This channel Wouldn't Exist right now if it wasn't for this ageing piece of hardware!
I will try to get some better lighting to illuminate the Cave corner I'm in to give you guys the best ability to see the Detail work in the minis and also giving you a much greater looking video.

Thank you all again for all of you support.
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