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Pigeons are the ultimate and most heavenly being (if you believe in that sort of thing), this is the ultimate (and currently only) tier. With this tier you recieve:

  • My never ending thanks!
  • A deeper look into to my sketches, doodles, and process 
  • In depth explanation of my materials used
  • All my (more personal) Patreon only posts

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About Mirage Arts

Come one, Come All!
Hello there, I'm known as jimmy_pgae on Instagram and Tumblr and I create art and do some other things as well, these things include:
  • Guitar Building/ Restoration (I specialize in creating amazing tones and wiring setups that are diverse in tone and easy to use)
  • Art with several mediums (right now I'm using a lot of watercolor and colored pencils)
  • I create music, original content and arrangements of traditional or just older songs
To branch out and get more ambitious with my creations I need your help! I have a lot of things planned and these things surely can benefit the artist (me) and my supporters (you!). Some of these things include:
  • Selling handmade (and creatively wired) guitars- to you guys!
  • Working on trying out new mediums, such as oil and maybe ink
  • Selling prints and starting commissions
I can't do any of these things without the support of my patrons. My dream is to someday use my art as my living and I'm just one step closer.
On this Patreon I will be posting:
  • Behind the scenes (process videos) which include detailed descriptions of the materials and some of my insight on creative processes. 
  • Pictures from my (slightly embarrassing) sketchbook
  • Draft recordings of my music and some jammy stuff that maybe y'all can build off of
  • Information on upcoming projects
  • Written tutorials (with images and short videos) on luthier related things, and maybe some art things too!
  • I'd like to post more personal things to stay closer to those that support me
If I get these projects up and running for you guys you will, or course, be involved in the process. Your input and ideas will go into the making of my art and the instruments I produce (after all, they are going to you guys!). I hope I've made a decently compelling description, this is my first time using anything like Patreon. I realize I am a incredibly small drop in the absolutely MASSIVE sea of content creators online now but hopefully I have something special to offer! Hope to see you guys <3

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When I reach 35 Patrons, I will start taking input from you guys on what to make prints of and mailing them out. I'd mail at a discounted rate for lower tier and once a month for the higher tier.
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