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About Miri Atha


My name is Miri Rocio Atha and I mainly create digital illustrations. Thank you for considering joining my Patreon community. To me, the art community is one of my favorite aspects of art. There's so many kind, talented, hardworking, passionate, lovely people in it, and there's nothing better than creating bonds and friendships through our mutual art appreciation or journeys.


I strive to create works that give off a feeling of serenity and have a mystical feeling to them, or invoke stories. I mainly work digitally, but want to get a small traditional project going. I've tons of story concepts and snippets floating around that I'd like to see actualized, preferably through a series of illustrations.
For the launching of my renewed art journey, I made new accounts to match my name, (so I apologize for their emptiness.) If you'd like to look at the art I created prior to my extensive hiatus, you can look at it here.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. I'm always open to chatting. You're supporting me, so in my book, that makes us buddies.
I stream my art and will be happy to do quick demos to better help you understand my process. And of course, the rewards that you can see on the right. Besides that, you'll be supporting me in my art ventures so that, hopefully in the future, I'll be able to live off of my art and do fun things like go to cons.


If you decide to pledge to my Patreon, you're not being charged right away. Let's say you sign up some time in March. You'll first be charged on 1 April and you will receive your rewards shortly after that. I'm sending them out via direct message to protect the content from being pirated.

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Once I reach this goal, I'll be able to live off my art and will be able to devout all my attention and energy to making art.
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