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Hello! Welcome to the Druid Den!  I stream video games on Twitch at a rather noobish level.  I got into video games later in life, but am now completely in love.  World of Warcraft was the game that really sucked me into the gamer way of life.  I started in 2008, right before Wrath of the Litch King & it was all downhill from there.  Several years later I discovered Twitch though a friend, and here I am. 

Why should I become a patron?  You don't have too!  Any and all support is appreciated.  Just the gift of your time in stream means a lot to me.  Should you make the decision to become an awesome patron covered in bitch sprinkles, you will be supporting the continuation of my addiction and improvement at something I love.  I work full time, so any and all stream support goes directly back into the stream to help the Druid Den expand and grow.  This includes upgrading my computer, the purchase of games & game subscriptions, cosplay outfits, (cause I am creatively challenged and can't make my own), and possibly toward the attendance of Cons where the Druid Cubs can congregate together and make a glorious cuddle pile!  Patrons are charged at the beginning of each month following sign up, (i.e. if you sign up in December, you'll be charged January 1st).  (See the patron FAQ for more information about monthly pledges.)  

Notes:  I have each tier marked to ask for a mailing address, as I like to periodically send out things to all of my Patrons regardless of tier just to say thank you.  In 2016 it was a Christmas card made from a professional photo shoot I had done.  You do not have to fill this out if you are not comfortable with providing a mailing address, (it can be a work, PO BOX, or home), but just know that's the only way I can send rewards to you.  I do not use it for anything else, and your information will be kept private.  Only I can see the address, and I have to click an extra button to see it. :-p 

Select a membership level
$5 Tier
per month
  • My undying gratitude
  • Patron Role on Discord Server
  • Access to Steam Group
  • Priority for co-op gaming sessions.
Includes Discord rewards
$10 Reward Tier
per month
You're awesome.
  • All the above
  • Name one of Druid's Battle Pets in WoW-either your Twitch handle or another name of your choice.
    • Names must be compliant with Twitch & Blizzard TOS. Druid reserves the right to reject a name she deems inappropriate. 
Includes Discord rewards
$25 Reward Tier
per month
Above & Beyond

· All the above

· Channel Art Postcard

· Your choice of Perler-one time only

Includes Discord rewards
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This will cover game subscriptions, streaming software, an upgraded version of Druid Bot, and the occasional Steam giveaway.
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