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I will put your name on my website with a big hug and kiss thank you!
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I will write you a handwriteen letter and send it to you! There may be a drawing or two in it, but will ALWAYS be a drawn on flashy colored in sharpies envelope so you know who its from
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Get a Voice clip (or video) of me saying whatever you wish! 

Need my squeeky voice to notify you that you have a message? Or Me screaming at you to wake up? Hell want me to say your are a sexy individual so you have a voice clip of your girlfriend in canada to show off to your friends? Welp I shall do it!




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About Miss Bunnie Bell

Hi All! I am Miss Bunnie Bell!

  I am a silly gamer gal who loves making videos with friends. Through the last year and a half of uploading videos I have been blessed to make so many new friends to add to my long time friends i have also made through gaming. Theun I met years ago threw  world of warcraft. He is our silly troll. MrFish is a brilliant goober who loves to goof off but also provides a wealth of info. Skittles is our Aussie friend who may be shy at times but will come up with the most random things you have ever heard. Puppy is a sadistic jerk who will do anything to piss us off. BadKill is that really loud friend who makes funny noises when scared (and we so love to scare him. Ada our cute little Pixie who has the mouth of a sailor. And then there is me. The Pink haired Weirdo who doesn't know what she is doing half the time. 

  Why are we doing a patreon?
      Well I have been making videos for nearly 2 years. I have received a lot of letter and comments saying I need to upgrade my mic, pc, and what not. Problem is I make just enough money to keep a roof over my head and food on the table. So Patreon will help me not only upgrade equipment for better quality videos, but provide more variety to the channel as my computer would be able to handle better games. I hope that in time maybe i can even get bigger servers to host more game nights with you guys on gmod or minecraft. Would be so much more fun to actually play with you all! 

What will you get from helping out?
   I will immortalize you on our website donator page! (http://missbunniebell.wix.com/missbunniebell)  Doesn't matter how much you donate to help out (I know we are all broke. I'm super grateful for even a penny) But if you take a gander to the right of the screen there is more fun rewardy goodness over there. If you guys have any requests for better perks please let me know! I'm always open to suggestion. 
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Buying better Equipment so I can add Facecam, Better voice quality (for everyone), and a better computer to record at a higher quality
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