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Thanks you, for your support. I'm an on-the-spot Portrait-Artist.
Since the summer of 1976 I've drawn people from the streets of New York to London, England. You should see the smiles on people's faces when I do a portrait before their eyes. I enjoy the challenge of drawing 5-minute-portraits in 2 minutes with a pen (babies take around 20 minutes).

I love a challenge! 
With your support, I hope to conquer the oil painted portrait in less that 5 hours! Are you smiling with me?(smile)

There's much more that I've dreamed of doing as an artist besides portraits, but couldn't afford the supplies or the time. Thanks, to your support, I'll get materials I long to work with. 

With the threat of losing my home in February 2016, I went in search of Mathew Lesko for help. That's when I learned of Patreon. I've been living under a rock(LOL) ...I felt that the world only loved dead artists. But, I was wrong! 

Your patronage affords me the opportunity to bloom! Everyday, I will Improve my skills, grow as a talent, and give back to society. Thanks to your patronage, I will no-longer be a "struggling artist."

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Nike Basketball Finger Sleeves-S/M/L
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Nike finger sleeves, provides compression and support, allows flexibility, with easy on/off pull tab. Breathable Airprene construction, with mesh overlay for extra support. 

It comes to you as 2 per pack. Please, choose your size. Colors will be chosen at random. Thanks, for your support!

Master-mind Business Consultation
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7% complete
I plan to do one grand 4' x 5' painting each month.
My goal is to earn enough so I can move into the new art studio that I won first place in a lottery for in Peekskill, NY. With your help I hope to have enough funds to be able to move into it.
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