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If you agree to send $1 for every video you will get access to my Patron Activity page. This is cool because you can post fan art, talk to your other patrons, and leave comments. And everyone will get a copy of the very first song I wrote on the piano.

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If you agree to send $3 for every video you will get the same stuff listed above. You will also get my video a day before the rest of the world so that you can be the first to watch it. In addition I will follow you on Twitter for as long as you are a Patron. So make sure you have your Twitter name on your Patreon profile. Mine is MisObservation.

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If you agree to send $5 for every video you will get all the things listed above. Plus you will have access to my Patron Only Suggestion Mailbox and be able to make suggestions on what movie, children's book, food item, or other random thing you think I should review in my next video. If your idea is chosen I will credit you with a personalized shout-out in that video.




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About Miss Observation

The cute little girl you see above is Phoenix. She is the host and focus of this endeavor. She is funny, and smart, and talented with tons of personality. And she's only 7 years old. Of course, being her father I'm terribly biased. You should watch some of her videos and see for yourself.

This whole project started because she and I watch a lot of movies together. And for years she's kept me entertained by how she talks about those movies. What she notices, how she interprets various scenes, how she mispronounces everything - continuously makes me laugh. I decided to start filming these movie reviews of hers and put them online.

Her blog site is MissObservation.com and right now, it's primarily movie reviews. However, we are branching out into other subjects including (but not limited to) drawings, original songs, book reviews, Videos of her playing with her Shiba Inu, Kitsu, some of her other favorite things, and general thoughts on life. By pledging to support Phoenix in her video blog evolution you will be promoting the greatest thing that's ever happened to me... and maybe the world??? But seriously, you will be enabling her to continue to do what she loves and in the process, entertain us all with her wonderful mis-observations. And more importantly, you will be contributing to her college savings fund.

We will do our best to release one video a week. And if you choose, you can set a monthly max so you never go over your budget! For your support, we are offering some pretty neat rewards. I'll let Phoenix tell you about them in the rewards column:
$4 of $250 per video
My daddy will buy me a better microphone, some lights, and a better camera to make my videos look nicer.
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