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Your reward for this tier is a big internet hug. I'm thankful for any donations at all no matter how small. <3
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You'll get the source modules for all future projects! Having access to the original sources will allow for a much closer analysis of my tracking style.
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Not only will you get all the benefits that come with the Analyzer tier, but you'll also get access to my entire catalog of FTM and 0CC files, including unfinished and unreleased stuff never seen before by the public!




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About MistSomething

Hi! I'm just another person on the internet who makes some pretty good chiptune stuff. A few people have come to me asking me to open a Patreon, so I decided to finally make one. I'm really happy that you're here and thinking about supporting what I do! <3
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Even I've gotta eat once in a while. More food = more time I'm alive = more time I'm making music!

... I'm not great at coming up with goals, I'm sorry.
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