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Hi, I'm MistareFusion. Like a lot of people, I make YouTube videos. Maybe you know me from my long-running series, Dragon Ball Dissection. Or maybe you've been following me since my Mighty Morphin Sentai videos. However you know me and however long you've watched my videos, thank you so much for being a fan and supporting my work. It's hard to describe the joy I've felt knowing so many people look forward to my uploads.

So why, after all this time, do I have a Patreon? For many years, this channel has been a hobby and, eventually, a fun side hustle. In fact, I've been doing this for ten years! But I'll be honest. I'm no longer fresh-out-of-college, living at home, and working a part time job. Now that I'm in my 30s, it's getting harder and harder to devote as much time to my channel while holding down a full-time job, establishing myself as a freelance videographer on the side, and actually having free time to enjoy life. It is getting to the point that I realize I'm not going to be able to do it all at the pace I'm doing it forever. The way things are going right now, I'll soon have to consider either scaling it back to a more manageable degree or just shutting down entirely once I finish reviewing the original Dragon Ball manga. After all, ten years is a big chunk of one's life.

So many of you have said over the years that I make content special to them, and that I deserve more views/subscribers/etc. I do indeed try to make videos that are special, and those take time. However, while YouTube has been a wonderful home for all my videos over the years, its platform tends to more readily reward quantity over quality. Over the years it's been a constant balancing act between putting content out as fast as I can while still maintaining the level of quality I want in my content. And it's getting difficult to maintain. I'd rather devote my time and energies to creating content you'll enjoy.

It's not really in my nature to request help or ask for things. But I'm realizing that a lot of you are right, and that it might be the only way for me to take the next step with my channel. And what is that "next step" you ask? Well, ideally, it would be wonderful, fantastic, stupendous, fabulous if I could get to a point where this could simply be my full-time job. Don't get me wrong. I have a full time job, one that I enjoy. It pays the bills. It gives me paid vacation and health insurance. And the idea of giving up that secure adulthood for something much less stable is a bit scary. But I love my channel, and I'd love to be able to focus on it more and do everything you guys want me to do with it. And if it's a silly dream to think I could turn this into a living, so be it. But I'll never know unless I try!

However, even if it doesn't initially (or ever) get to that point, your appreciated patronage would certainly help, either to eventually get me to that point or the next best thing. It would mean more money I could spend on media to review. It would mean the ability to get better equipment and produce higher quality content. It would mean perhaps hiring someone to edit for me so that I could focus more on coming up with idea for new content and not have to spend as long on each video. And that would most likely mean more and/or better videos as well. Or it could mean making enough that, while I wouldn't be able to give up my day job entirely, I could afford to scale it back, which would also mean more time to devote to the channel. So just to lay it all out simply, your patronage could result in the following, sequential events:

-- Purchase more media to review (there's a lot of Dragon Ball stuff out there, guys!)
-- Upgrade equipment, including furthering my own video skill set to make better content
-- Hire an assistant or an editor to shoulder the workload
-- Shift the balance of my work life in the direction of my channel
-- Make the channel my real job

Obviously my content will still be available whether you choose to become a patron or not. I'm happy you even took the time to come here and read this in addition to watching my content. But you will have my undying gratitude if you decide to donate. Thank you.
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Create a Dragon Ball Dissection episode on Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans and ...Super Saiyans!

As you all know, Dragon Ball Dissection has evolved over the years. I famously stated in my introduction video that it was only covering the original manga storyline. And while those episodes still stand as the core of the series, the show has expanded to include the various movie and television projects adapted from the franchise.

Even so, there have been franchise elements I've never had plans to review. I've skipped over things like the movie recap television special, Goku's Fire Safety, and any and all video games. Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans is a complicated example. People often refer to it as an OVA (original video animation), which technically isn't untrue, but more accurately, it's an animated dramatization/strategy guide for a video game.

As such, it's something I never planned to cover. However, as I get closer to its release, I've received more and more comments asking about it. I recently put polls up on the YouTube community tab and Twitter, and large numbers of people overwhelmingly voted their interest in me covering it.

While it is not part of either the television continuity or movie franchise, it does draw heavily on both. Its plot, such as it is, of a Tsufruian scientist building a living weapon to take revenge on Saiyans, comes directly from backstory included in the animated version of Dragon Ball Z. And that exact idea appears to have been dusted off and reworked a few years later for Dragon Ball GT. That alone could make a compelling argument that it deserves to be included in the Dragon Ball Dissection pantheon.

Then there's simply the fact of its bizarre uniqueness. The cast and animators came together to make a two-part video game adaptation in 1993. That's crazy. Even crazier was how it was remade (and retitled) years later, and that the two versions are very different from each other. And there's so much confusion as to what this even is that maybe another voice needs to help clarify its position in the franchise.

Honestly, this was so off my radar until people started bringing it up I'd never even bothered to watch it before until last week. I certainly wasn't even going to bring up the possibility until I was sure there was anything here worth reviewing. So I watched the original, the remake, and some Famicom game footage. While it's pretty thin and middling, there's certainly a lot of material and background that could make for an interesting episode.

As such, I've decided to let you guys decide by making this video my first Patreon goal. When we hit it, I'll cover Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans (and Super Saiyans) in a single episode of Dragon Ball Dissection.

Thanks as always for your support!
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