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 By donating 1$ or more I hope to provide the following:
  • I will talk with you about my video in progress, give an update when i finish and i will post here before others non patreons.
  • You can come to my discord, you will be provided with a role (Patreons) and your own channel that you can maybe talk with me if I am online and I have time (maybe cause of school i won't have xD), and we can talk about everything and play games!
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About MisterLotospol

Who am I?
Hi, my name is MisterLotospol I'm 18 years old guy who loves to edit.

Why donate?
I don't know, I'm not making you donate me, but I would love to get some kind of way more support via Patreon is a good fuel so I can continue doing something I love!
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Make a live stream/ video talking with you all and thanking you for the huge support.
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