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Mitchell In A Van is traveling up the coast from San Diego, California to BC, Canada in an effort to re-connect with his west coast roots, and bring to you the experience of the down and dirty of coastal musician life.

Music is cheaper than ever to record, and the internet is bursting at the seams with new artists. Creativity, love and passion is everywhere, but we're so trapped in our own headspace and responsibilities that taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers is an almost unattainable luxury.

Eventually, your plan will fail and you'll just have to improvise, and isn't that what we're already doing anyway? I subscribe to the idea that goodness comes from within, not a preplanned campaign to increase your bottom line, and so I dedicate my life to capturing and reproducing the goodness all around, to share it with the world, and to do everything within my power to end manipulation in marketing. Together we can remind ourselves that no matter where you are, or where your plan failed, goodness can take you forward.

This is where comes in, they handle all the donations for me so I can focus on this art project. Your contributions will support me in securing a van, eating, and in tipping the street performers I come across. At the end of my tour I will be releasing an album of all the tones of PCH, and that album will be released under Fair Use. This album is possible due to your contributions.

With all my heart, Thank you!
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First things first, I gotta buy a van.
What's that you say? "You don't even have a van yet?..."
I'm living the dream and pressing forward, sleeping on couches and in the back of musicians vans. A van would sure help legitimize this thing...
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