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This is the level of the ultimate. The almighty! The ohmaglobapatreon! You will receive (digital) copies of some of my artwork as well asw.i.p.s of my current web comic!
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This is the level I like to call the guilt trip *AHEM* I mean the thiswillpaymyrent level! You get basically the same reward for the ohmyglobapatreon level, but you get to give twice as much! Get out your wallets because this is for the rich people folks.




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Hello! My name is Miyoka and I'm an artist! That feels so weird to say ohmaglob. I am on my way to publishing my first web comic, I just need a couple more days (as I've told myself over the past few months...). Since I've posted nothing so far, if you see this... how? How did you find this? lol Anyways, my comic will be published on the Webtoon app as a Discover. It's about a team of FBI agents who are trying to solve a murder (It's not as cheesy as it sounds! I promise! There is much fan service, hawt characters, and shippable content! Give me a chance!). Thank you for reading this far fellow human, I bid you- adieu! ^_^
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Hello hello! If you are seeing this this means that you have somehow wandered into the deep dark depths of my Patreon page! Don't worry! All is fine, but my first goal is to get one wary traveler to pledge to my patreon... This is a premature goal because no one knows who I am yet, but they will! I've been working on my first Webtoon for a while now and have decided I should probably take the next step and actually put some of my work out there, I have plot and characters, a whole storyline! But haven't posted it yet... wish me luck! ^_^
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