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  1. Exclusive access to every drawing I do in my backstage. Includes: manga storyboards, character concepts, sceneries, studies, WIP and more. 

2. Step by Step images. (character artworks and illustrations)

3. Priority in the purchase of characters designs (adoptables) and reservation for commission slots. I'll offer them on patreon 3 days early. 

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About Mizael Tengu


Hi! my name is Mizael Tengu, I'm a self taught artist who loves to generate original content and provide new aesthetic experiences to inspire people. I also love philosophy and politics, so I want to start my own comics to be able to communicate in a deeper level with people trough my art.

Many people seems to like my original works and often ask me about when I'll start my own comic. Truth is I would love to do it right now. 
However, It is hard to find time to draw my own stuff because most of the time I spend working on other people projects in order to earn my living. It is a very common dillema on the artist carreer. I have no other income source and it is vital for me to make some money through my art. 
Patreon provides a way to do this while drawing my original stuff.
It helps me to be an author

By supporting me, you'll have exclusive access to my entire backstage production: sketches, concepts, story boards, studies, step-by-step and eventually some tutorials.
 Withal, you'll have priority on character purchasing, commissions slots and discounts. 

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Hatch - Video Tutorial
Reaching this goal I will make the most requested hatching tutorial video on my youtube page.
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