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Hi, I'm just starting with this 'internet exhibition' for my drawings, I've always been doing portraits and short comics for my personal pleasure but now, is something that really makes me happy and I wanna do it all the time if it's possible but unfortunately, this doesn't give me money for surviving.
I'm known between fans of the Korean actor Lee Joon Gi because I created a chibi alter ego of him and he has became very popular <3
If you help me, I can dedicate myself to create my comics and portraits that I love so much and especially my Jooncat, who is truly loved between JG fans more often and be able to support myself a little. I would really appreciate your help.
$5 of $5 per drawing
Well, I use paint tool SAI for drawing my Jooncat, and to make the linework with a mouse is really a torture so... I need a Wacom Tablet, I've always wanted one, but is really expensive. Please help me! I need to buy material for portraits too. Ty!!
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