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About The Modern Explorers

The Modern Explorers is a group of open-minded individuals seeking truth and freedom. We feel the internet gives us a wealth of information but much of it is biased, both through deliberate mis-information and negligence. With so many contradictory arguments and so much debate in the world we wish to research thoroughly with a critical eye so that we can try and make sense of the reality we all find ourselves in. We are avid researchers of both mainstream and alternative media sources but we seek to find our own answers.

We were formed in early 2013 when Mick, Rich and Jay went on a Megalithic roadtrip around the U.K and decided they needed a platform to show photos, videos and research. After that trip Mick and Rich started to learn how to make films (with some guidance from Jay) and you look at our stuff you can see how our film making skills have progressed over the years, the more recent the film the better the equipment and skills we had. Mick and Jay are the instigators while the rest of the community are collaborators who have been involved in one or a number of our productions. - Click for more information about the individuals involved

Over the years we have focused on the Ancient Civilizations area of research but during our visits to a variety of different countries we have stumbled across some great earth-building and permaculture projects. We have seen how these movements, as well alternative currencies, build and grow in harmony with our planet and look to grow away from the monetary system, you can read more about this which in our Back to Nature Project.

We all have our own lives and live in different countries but we decide to get together in places around the world to have a good time, visit and film different ancient sites and eco-friendly projects.

Our long-term aim is to document and inform about the positive changes happening in the human race since the birth of the internet. We recently started another project called ‘The Truth about Our Bodies’ and we would like to open many more so that we can inspire others to see the truth about our reality and the day to day things around them, and look to improve the situation our species finds itself in on this planet.

We ask for your support so that we can improve our equipment, our skills and dedicate more time to making our films first-class and able to compete with anything you see on TV, but without its bias. We are constantly evolving so welcome new contributions and new ideas to both our operation in general and on specific projects and if you cannot pledge money then please support us by liking, following and subscribing to our pages and channels. - Click for ideas on how you can be involved

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The Sony Handycam is no longer good enough if we are to continue improving our films. If we reach this first goal we would invest in a camera that could capture a better quality of image and enable us to use a manual focus.

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