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is creating [RPGMVXA] Fantasy/Modern Themed RPG for anyone.
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For those that like the general idea of just helping us out, please use this option. It is greatly appreciated and will appreciated for this and future projects!

NPC In Game
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Become part of the story with your own sprited character in the game. Comes with dialogue of your choice as well~  You will also be credited in the credits

Spots are limited.

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Special Weapon (Cameo Weapon)
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In-game, Souls of great warriors were sealed into their weapons... lost to the ages These weapons can be held by the character, Moho, a young girl with the ability to link up with anything with a soul. These weapons change Moho's fighting style to the style of that of the soulbound warrior.

This Tier will allow you to make your own custom weapon and skills (within my power to program) that this character can hold and use.

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About Mariah Rosalie

Ellos everyone. My name is Mariah~ 
This is my gaming project I am working on together with my girlfriend, friends and myself, Modern Magic.

Modern Magic is a passion project that is being developed in RPG Maker VXA. The game takes place in a world where magic has been flowing for years. This has allowed magical and mystical beings to exist with human technological advancements. The story follows Mariah and her friend's journey to protect the Essences of Mana, after Prism City is attacked by a villainous group with the intention of finding the essences first. The team endures many battles and hardships as they uncover the truth behind the secrets of their world, and what they must do to save it.

The game has been in development for a long time due to the struggles of an amateur team, but we have been making progress and I feel like it is time to show people what we have~.

This is my first time using Patreon so I hope to get into the swing of things quickly, updating as I get used to things. The game will be entirely free when it is finished. This page only exists for people that wish to help with donations. As such, we will have rewards for certain tiers later on! Thank you for your support and interest!
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I will have to thank you again for your support! 
Of course make sure my patreon people get updates too!
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