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About MomaPixelCre8

Hi guys!!

I am Valerie Alias MomapixelCre8,

What to say, What to say!!!! Before i start i would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and to consider helping me. I am a passionate person, always looking for new challenges and a mother of 2.

I am a geeky girl, gamer, a collector of goodies, MTG player, airsoft lover, i have been creating perler beads art for 5 years now and i have been painting. I just love to create. I have always loved Halloween as a child and as an adult hihi!!! Also a big fan of horror movies.

I have decided this year to expand my skills and create props and cosplay. I have been a face painter for 16 years and i have started to learn few years ago special effect make up.
I have been going to conventions as an artist for now 4 years and i always LOVE the experience. I always love to see the costumes that people can pull off and i am always amazed! And so I decided that i could also give it a try and create amazing cosplay and props for everyone to see :-)

My goals are to recreate characters with the most accurate details as possible, posing and appearance with makeup.

Arts, crafting, creating as been my a huge part of my life since I was younger ( Can't say small because i never grew up!!!! LOL).

With all my love and appreciation, Tank you
Pixel, xoxo
$18 of $400 per creation
Hello guys!

My first goal will be of 400$ which will allow me to finance material purchased for my first cosplay and create it faster.

I have decided on my first cosplay to be Cuddle, my favorite skin from Fortnite :-). As mention in my bio, i want to make character as accurate as possible so proper materials and items are required. I also need material to create props for this cosplay.

Here is a few items needed to create CUDDLE's cosplay!
  • Fushia Minkie fabric which is 19$/m and i would need at least 5-7m of fabric 150$ approximately
  • Leather fabric roughly 40-50$
  • Mid calf boots with lace which i found for 50$ with shipping
  • Eva Foam around 45-60$
  • Paint and glue roughly 30$
  • Gloves To be determinated ...
  • Some other materials that could be needed along the way
  • AND COFFEE !!!!!!!

Many many thanks to all on helping me :-)
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