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About Monday Mysteries and Myths

For as long as I can remember I have had a natural interest in the unsolved and the mysteries that history has left us.

I was obsessed with history as a child, always opting for the historical tourist attractions and sitting in front of the TV every Sunday to watch Meet the Ancestors. And while I can’t remember when I first started to learn about mysterious cases, I do remember the ones that first caught my attention.
It was the Mary Celeste and the Tutankhamun curse. Since then I’ve discovered missing person cases, mysteries in their own right, and my interest has never waned.

That’s precisely why I first started to write about such cases and why it’s the subject of my podcast.

The Monday Mystery and Myths Podcast offers a new and intriguing episode every single Monday and seeks to reinvestigate the cases that have fascinated the masses. It’s your chance to offer your opinion and to share your thoughts on these cases.

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