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I'm an open source alternate energy researcher. I examine supposed "Free Energy" devices independently and honestly. I also do my own experiments involving wireless electricity and Tesla coils ( Home made batteries ( Batteries with living parts, such as plants or bacteria (The microbial bacteria battery is still on the to do list, plant battery is here:  Efficient lighting and energy harvesters that convert energy from the local environment into usable power ( Home made electrical components and test equipment ( Cold fusion research ( As well as all sorts of other geeky stuff. I do as much of this as possible with spare parts I harvest from trash and broken appliances. I also do a lot of videos showing people what can be found in various appliances, and how to harvest the parts. I don't have any advertising income. I'm reluctant to take donations as I don't want to be confused with all the free energy scams out there. Although my project is reaching a point where it will require some financial help to reach its full potential. I could be getting money from ads on my youtube channel, but I don't like ads. If you don't either, and you like what I'm doing, you can help keep my channel ad free. I'm joining up with Patron to see what I can do with a little support. If anyone has a device they would like me to examine, or any video suggestions, please do contact me with your ideas.
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Any amount pledged will help keep my youtube channel ad free. Any amount less than $50 per month will help me buy simple components. Transistors, chemicals, raw materials, nuts and bolts etc etc. As well as putting a bit of fuel in my Utility for colecting scrap apliances for parts.
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