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is creating Creating the video game Cozen Servo and it's soundtrack

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I'm Chris a one man game studio called Monobrain Games and the sole developer of the upcoming video game Cozen Servo. You may be wondering why I've started a Patreon rather than doing a kickstarter. Well the game isn't quite ready to have a kickstarter. If I'm asking for a large lump sum of money I want people to see that the game is in a decent state of development. Far too many kickstarters are just concepts and I feel like people are becoming wary of those.

So, what would you be funding if you choose to become a Patron? Well.... me... basically, my living costs. 

History (why I need Patrons)

I've had various jobs in my life, I've been a web designer, video editor and for the past decade up until 2 years ago an Operations Manager with a legal and finance company. I've wanted to make game for as long as I can remember and it was just something that I never got round to doing. Life got in the way.

I was depressed and unhappy for the last few years of my previous job. I knew that I needed to do something with my life that my heart was in and at age 35 I felt that time was running out to get into development. So I started learning game development in my free time. I was putting together simple prototypes and getting a grasp of all the skills needed. Eventually on one particularly day I decided that I needed to quit my job and give game development my best shot.

The game has gone through various prototypes as I locked down the look, style and feel of the game. I've been hard creating the various elements that will make development much faster in the future. I've been working on the music and developing a style that I feel fits the look of the game. So the game is in a decent state but there's not much in the way of set pieces just yet to make a trailer that really wows people. 

About the game

The game is a Sci-Fi Metroidvania style game. the game is set in 2182 and follows the story of John Servo, an ex soldier, as he explores a mystery terraforming moon to try and find his brother. 

As with most Metroidvania style games, you unlock new weaponry and skills throughout the game unlocking previously inaccessible areas and which allows you to continue your journey. There are 3 main factions within the game world and during Servo's journey he learns about the relationships between them as well as some startling information about himself.

The game leans on lighting and emissive materials heavily to create a high contrast world with a unique style.

I'm currently in the process of putting together some videos to showcase the various aspects of the game. I'll update this page with links as soon as they are done.

Thank you for reading. If you want to help support the development please become a patron. I will be forever grateful to anyone that chooses to support me. My life has been this game for the past 2 years and with your help I know I can make something truly special. Thank you.

$4 of $415 per month
I've managed to really get my living costs down. This is all I'll need to pay my expenditures and continue production of Cozen Servo.
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