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About MonoShuga

Hello everyone! My name is Joana, but you can also call me Candi or Mono. I'm a 20 year old creator from Portugal looking for support in her work :)
I've been doing art for over 10 years and have various other hobbies, such as creating videos, writing, creating pixel art and even 3D modeling.

I created this Patreon in order to able to afford a new PC setup, as my current laptop is getting old and has made working on certain projects more complicated than it should. After that, I'm planning on saving to get a Cintiq and use the rest of the money for more related art investments.

Thank you kindly for visiting and supporting my work!

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Having 50$ per month just from you guys is already surreal enough and it really helps me get closer to afford that better setup. I cannot thank you enough!
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