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About Johny Aylarov

Johnny is a life long fan of comics, stories and art who comes from Russia, and the city of Vladikavkaz where he lives. Keenly interested in pop culture and comic books from a young age, his opinion of these began to change as he came to appreciate that such mediums can tell important, unique and compelling stories - and often about characters struggling with their own identities in challenging worlds and circumstances too. Ever more drawn to this, he has come to evolve his own stories and characters - working with artists and fans - over recent years, and along with fan interpretations of well known figures in the world of comic fandom.

To this end, he believes that these new stories would be of good interest to many others, and would like to ask that those interested in seeing such adventures and exploits would consider becoming patrons to this common idea, and hence to the three comic projects below.
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The goal of 150 a month would allow me to cover and attend to the various expenses and obligations needed to produce the comic serials, associated art and the various rewards for patrons, along with a monthly commission raffle, if the amount is reached.
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