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MonsterPaws is a Group of 20+ individuals who get together,hangout,and game. Together we wish to make content of entertainment value on YouTube, to bring Smiles to our viewers faces and maybe have a laugh along with us.

We do our best to just be ourselves, which as a large diverse group of individuals both young and older, we still enjoy relaxing or throwing our energy at a group project (like our YouTube channel) just for fun.A majority of us are young adults some still in school.

however being as we are at that transitional point in life between school and work, and with as large of a group as we have become, we could use some help. every bit of money donated through patreon goes to support everyone in the group and in turn you our viewers, or potential patrons.

with every dollar reinvested into the group and going towards helping purchase newer up to date hardware, such as better quality, microphones, cameras, better computer parts, capture hardware., or possibly in the further future, helping us all to consolidate some of the older members to a more centralized area. as one limiting factor is the distance, with some of our members living either across the country or across the oceans.

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