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✿I'll make a post where you can give me sketch ideas/requests at the start of every month and I'll choose a few of them to do during that month. These will be patreon exclusive!

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About Mony

Hello, I'm Mony! I'm a Mexican-American artist that enjoys making digital art, be it original or fanart, and who loves cartoons/animation.

This Patreon is a way to continue doing what I love while having a way to support myself better financially so I can create more stuff to share with you all, every bit is appreciated and helps me out so much!

Not only can I focus on my art more with your help, but I can also save up to purchase necessities to improve both my work and my output. For example: A new tablet, a headset for recording my voice, etc. The chance to start other fun projects, like an original comic, is another possibility. As is dipping my toes into making/investing in acrylic charms and enamel pins. Any and every amount helps and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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If we reach this goal it will allow me to invest in making things like acrylic charms and enamel pins! It could also help me save up for new tech that will allow me to start new creative endeavors!
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