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About Juan Puentes

I'm a full-time day dreamer and I've been working on this universe I'm creating for almost ten years. There have been many changes to the plot and structures that form this universe and now it is ready to see the light. I'm a bit of an old school writer and I somehow prefer my ideas, put to good use in the universe I'm creating, to speak for me. I'm not the kind of pretty face that becomes famous all of a sudden and then writes just because he/she knows how to use a pen. I'm analytic and down to detail when it comes to the projects I work on. I'm always thinking about my worldbuilding projectand on how I can refine it even more. Please allow me some of your time and I know my project will hook you up.

Though I'm old school when it comes to my methods and approach I'm aware we live in 21st century, that's why my project is written and thought to be used in a multimedia environment. I'm no expert but my project could make for a movie, or a series of them, or even for a video game saga
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