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2. EXCLUSIVE link to my weekly football predictions video (These will be only for Patrons, so it will be unlisted on YT)
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8. You will be able to have input regarding decisions I make in my series like: Starting someone for a given video, acquiring a player (if I am looking for someone), etc.
9. I will love you long time.

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Hey guys! My name is Andre Weingarten aka Moonlightswami. I am a YouTube content creator (My YouTube Channel) who focuses on sports video game content, with a touch of real life sports content. My videos are centered around realism, or providing an alternative to the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. either when they are on, or when they are not, like an off day for your favorite team, or during the offseason. I have had my channel and uploaded to it daily for the past 4 years (Starting September 2011). When Im not spending 50-60 hours a week working on videos for my channel, I spend the rest of my time working on school work (I attend the United States Sports Academy and am a Sports Management Major), or studying real sports. I watch a tremendous amount of NFL game tape, to the point where I watch every single NFL game each season at least once to learn more about the game, and each player and team on the field. 

When it comes to my YouTube, I try to have 1 main series and stick to a schedule of uploading it 6 days a week (with set days), along with having Sunday's off (so I can relax, watch football, etc.) As of right now, I have a New Orleans Saints Franchise. 

Here is my schedule:

Monday/Thursday: League Recap (Weekly results, stats, awards)
Tuesday/Friday: Prospect Showcase (Described below)
Wednesday/Saturday: Saints game & A Recap of the game later in the day.

Prospect Showcase: Weeks 3 through 17, I scout players in my Saints draft class. After scouting a given position in full, I re-create them in NCAA 14 based on the information provided, and showcase them. Essentially, providing "Tape" on the prospects, while talking about them. I also provide a full spreadsheet to showcase the players, and rank them.

I use a great amount of time studying, watching, and talking sports, as of right now primarily in person and on twitter. But, because I talk so much on social media I get, and welcome a ton of questions. However, answering all of these questions can be difficult in 140 characters, and its not the easiest way to manage talking with everyone. On top of that, I no longer post my NFL predictions, reasoning, etc. in video format, nor do I ever talk about Fantasy advice, mainly for football in video format due to previous experiences. HOWEVER, that does not mean I don't miss doing it, because I do. Because of these factors, I thought Patreon would be an interesting website to look at. I have been approached previously by people who want to donate, but I have never had a donation page set up, and the idea of taking a donation without providing anything other than what I normally do with YouTube in return didn't feel right, even if the donator didn't feel that way. This is where Patreon comes in. Now, I have a way to provide those of you who want to take that extra step to support me, something special in return, that are special perks only Patrons of mine will receive.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts

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