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    About Moravian

    About Me
    Like most artists, I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. A great deal of my inspiration stems from comic books I read as a child. I've always admired how the dynamic poses of superheroes and villains complemented the story, and I aim to capture that in my own work; to make each painting tell a story. I am also heavily inspired by Catholic sculptures and architecture, which had fascinated me since childhood. The subtle changes in form or gesture in those sculptures made them stand out, even if they depicted subjects in a simple pose. My work combines elements from both comics and Catholicism, by incorporating gentle gestures with dynamic compositions.

    Why Patreon?
    I enjoy creating stories through my illustrations, and I aim to build a collection of these stories in the future. Your support helps me achieve this goal much faster than I would be able to accomplish it on my own, and allows me to focus on projects I care deeply about.

    About my Art

    I am an oil painter, though I dabble occasionally with acrylics. For sketches, I prefer charcoal and white chalks on toned surfaces. To see samples of my past work, visit

    What your support enables me to do
    Your support on Patreon will not only cover the cost of art supplies, but it will also help me push my illustrations to the next level. With your donations, I could purchase better photography equipment for references, hire professional models for photoshoots, and enroll in classes at the IMC, SmArt School, and Watts Atelier.

    I will finish one painting every month. (Donations will be totaled at the start of each month.) During this time, I will document each painting step-by-step, from the concept sketches to the final product.

    $0 of $100 per Monthly finished paintings
    At $100 I can get better photography equipment for photographing art and models to increase the realism and quality of each production.
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