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You're Awesome! Anything and everything helps me keep making video's for everyone to enjoy! You will receive a Photo Of The Month with details of my future plans and where I will be located. :)
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You. Are. Awesome. !! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story with the world. 

I will send you a Hand Written Post Card from where ever I'm at in the world plus a Photo Of The Month with details of my plans for the rest of the month!
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Thank You! With this level of support you are helping me gear up with supplies such as food, drinks and necessities for the adventures ahead.

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About More Hands On Deck

I am documenting my quest for a better life that is full adventure. I was tired of living the 9-5 work week so I quit my job, sold all of my things, jumped on a sail boat and sailed 1,500 miles to La Paz, Mexico with three of my best friends. Once I arrived in La Paz, I jumped off and acquired a boat of my own. With having the dream of chasing endless sunsets and surfing long lost waves, I am continuing to fix up my 35ft CT Pilothouse named Destiny while also continuing my adventurous spirit on land while i'm not working on my boat. 

Follow along as I document my road to one of the greatest adventures of all time - to sail around the world with a goal of helping communities and environments that I encounter along the way.

Yours Truly, 

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I am able to continue to keep producing video's of my adventures on both land and sea.
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