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Anyone who donates $1+ a month will be inducted into Club F#ck Packer, named in honor of one of the worst humans ever, Boyd K. Packer. Every inductee will receive a shoutout and lavish praise during a special segment of our podcast.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that people who donate to other people's tiny podcasts make unicorns happy. The world needs more happy unicorns, if you ask me.




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No Man Knows My Herstory is a podcast by two pissed off queer women about being ex-Mormon. Have you left Mormonism and found yourself with trauma and without a community? Did you go to a university where everyone said they loved you but really they thought that the fact society hates you a little less because of your sexual orientation or gender identity than they did 10 years ago is a sign of the end of days? Do you think Mormons are kind of quaint and you're interested in what makes them tick? Do you giggle when women who once thought tank tops were evil swear with abandon? Our podcast is for you, you weirdo, and we think you're pretty rad.

We are so grateful to everyone who listens to our podcast. It blows us away that we have people who give a care what we do. We would love to be able to cover the costs of our hosting fees, and we would appreciate your help.
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