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About MorningRamen

Good morning, everyone!
We are MorningRamen, the creators of Naruto Abridged and other abridged parodies. We are a group of guys from Texas, California, and Florida who love making content. We've found an awesome audience with our Naruto Abridged series, and we would like to continue making it as long as possible. 

That being said, we do not and cannot make any income off of any of our parody videos. We put a lot of effort, and LOVE into these videos but we only have so much time to spare. We are all working students who take time out of our personal lives to make these videos.
Not only for US but for YOU

Let us be very clear, we will still be making Naruto Abridged and releasing episodes on YouTube without charge. We will never make our audience pay to view Naruto Abridged. 

This is just your special little way of supporting us and the content we make. It is not required, but it is beyond appreciated.

If you are kind enough to donate, not only do we hope to crank out episodes quicker, but we also plan to give you guys some really cool things in return! Any donation will help solidify both MorningRamen's current state and our future. 

Again, we can't thank you guys enough. 
Love y'all! - MorningRamen

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We now have a beginning salary for the 4 core members of MorningRamen. We can take more time to work on content for you guys!
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