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The Graveyard of original short stories. Come see what I've dug up. The graveyard has something for everyone. I like short stories. They are like the tales we tell around the camp fire. Plus if it's a bad story, it's just a few minutes wasted. We all like different things, so I hope to share a few things everyone enjoys. I also post articles about different things horror related.  
If you like something on the page and want to see more of it, send a message. I usually reply within a hour or so. All stories and articles are written by yours truly.
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I just want to entertain people.  I want people to read and enjoy my stories.  I enjoy writing and find it as a great outlet for stress. I have enjoyed these kind of stories since I was a child, so I wanted to share my love of them. And if I make a buck along the way, that is just gravy.  I just want to bring people together by something they enjoy.
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