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Yechi Hamelech! 

Hi There! and Welcome! 

The Moshiach News Global team and the supporters of our initiatives; our youtube videos, facebook groups and pages, website articles, or moshiach items and goods from our store, our joint efforts with partner organizations -we all welcome you to our support page here on patreon, and thank you for taking an interest in our project. throughout history people have chosen a course that would take their future to a better place...

Our messege is only as strong as those who advertise our content on Moshiach, to all corners of the world, thus, thanks to all our supporters - the messege of redemption continues to reach every corner of the world, so a big thank you to you all.

OUR MISSION: we are committed to bringing Messiah/Moshiach.
Our method starts with study of all material available in revealed and secret religious books of all faiths, as well as studying world events and lining them up with prophecy and religious predictions, we also have many panels of scholars Doctors and thinkers to try and bring a solid good unified messege to our viewers - one which they will be able to understand and teach, and one which will encourage goodness and kindness in the world. our messege is true for Jews Christians and Muslims alike - as well as all moral and ethical people - our "umbrella of thought" is general enough to understand differences people have - and narrow enough to address the biggest issues in the world today, less death, theft, suffering, more charity goodness and kindness, good, righteousness, and straightforwardness. one people under one g-d. 

Our vision is to educate a generation in goodness and kindness and the acceptance of Messiah/Moshiach which to him we owe this positive messege

your support will help the messege of moshiach being spread worldwide with advertising, photography, video editing, designing, online material, websites, facebook pages and groups, our youtube channels and more.

Here is an amazing video that can explain us why it is important to focus on how to bring Moshiach and Peace to the world, rather than be in the "grinder of negativity as seen on the News" all the time:
we partner with other groups to spread the messege of goodness and kindness for the redemption via messiah, so that everyone becomes aware of this important messege, here are some of our partner groups:

here are our current active platforms where we bring the word of moshiach the masses.

here are many established and successful platforms and services we offer online:








Long Live the king Moshiach Forever!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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