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If Don't all this stuff you just want to help my table game this mean you a great heart I love making fan and games for guys I hope in near future make a New patreon to make video games. 
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 I show my fan arts to you guys on a live stream on Patreon and giving them away just 8.18 dollar each but don't worried if want two just click twice send me money also there's a deal click three time get three for free. 

 And let me know you did I will check if your aren't pulling my artiness.  (:

Made Of Fan Heartness
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I will make each you donation of $8.19 fan art of your choice and send to you when it ready okay,




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I want to create my first RPG Table Top game to make in life and I want to just the wizard of the coast. also I am very creative and I love art art is my life sometime I draw just for fun but I am not really good drawing people I be honest I am very good drawing monsters that my thing I use to draw anime but I think i am still good at it but I maybe rusty at it. But Anyways ya this focus an RPG Table Top Games But I do create fan Art like Dragon balls,Undertales,Mario any fan art you guys might enjoy this not really for that but will tried to show my fan art and you want to buy it go headed I might put a another account focus on only fan art for now this only focus on both. 

I love Art -"Art is In My Blood Frozen like ice and I need let it out so I can warm it up I do want is Art form my Bleeding heart of filling" - RPGGODCREATOR
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My is to build my first RPG table top game get more paper draw monster what they going look like or just get items for it and get publish this game will in One Edition so that go to get more Items and just fun with this project.   
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