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Small but not insignificant, you will get a massive thank from me

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Unfortunately despite what popular culture would have you believe you're no larger than an african elephant, and they're still alive. Hopefully the even bigger thank you from me will make up for all this paleo averageness.

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Your commonly mistaken for a dinosaur and thus will be compensated by accredation. in the dimetrodon Tier you will have your name at the end of all future videos, or a silly name that you pick... I dont care, but you ony get one.




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About Moth Light Media

Hi, Moth Light Media is making educational videos which cover topics surrounding the natural world through past and present. The main focus is on biology, paleontology and anthropology with videos of general interest for the layman to the slightly more seasoned science enthusiast. I am starting a patreon account that will allow me to allocate more time to the videos which will result in better quality and more consistent uploads. Of course this is entirely optional, however, any help will be appreciated. Think of it as a virtual tip jar, if you enjoy the content and would like to support me, please do, if not then still feel free to enjoy the videos.
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With this I will be able to make videos on a part time basis, increasing quality and allowing me to have consistent weekly uploads. In addition I will be able to get better euipment and maybe even start adding small animations to enrich the videos.
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