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is creating The "Of Dark Space" sci-fi series
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I've been writing, designing worlds, and weaving characters together for many years. I specialize in holding a hundred details in my mind and fitting them together like an invisible 3D jigsaw puzzle. Sign up at this level to receive an hour of my time each month (available via Google Hangout).




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About Tyler Mcnamara

When I was 16 or 17 I made up a character, and a world grew up around her. I explored every inch of the world, but never found a story to tell.
Seven years ago I found that story and got re-inspired to write The Mother of Dark Space, the first book in the Dark Space series.

Set in a future not-unrecognizable from our own, Rae is a brilliant scientist striving for fame in a male-dominated science-driven society. Her personal assistant Ashley is also trying to get recognized, but finds himself overshadowed and underappreciated. Controlling both of their fates is the famous, or perhaps infamous Everett Evermore, founder of Evermore Industries, the newest R&D facility in the Nili Fossae terradome on Mars.

This Novel has been a labor of love for the last seven years. It's been through 6 major edits and many minor ones. Edits 2 and 4 had beta releases and were reviewed by my friends and family. Now it's time for the world to meet Rae and Ashley, but they need your help.

I want to be clear that this is not something I’m dreaming up, or something I'm excited to start doing; this is something I've already done. It exists! You could wait and get it when it comes out on Amazon after all the chapters are released. Or, you could pledge now and become involved at the community level, gaining early access to each new chapter as it becomes available, and bonus content such as director’s cuts, character sketches, behind the scenes tech and history, and an audio book podcast when we meet that stretch goal.
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